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Safety comes first

Health and safety remain oil & gas industry priorities; both industry and stakeholder communities have zero tolerance for accidents.

Reliability in the field and in the office is crucial

A mechanical failure on an oil rig can have serious environmental and financial impacts. Designing reliability into systems and procedures is imperative.

Sustainability builds trust

As the global demand for oil and gas grows, environmental stewardship is more important than ever.

And costs are increasing

Workforce shortages, rising labour costs, poor productivity and bad weather are causing schedule slips and budget overages.

We can help you improve your bottom line

  • Achieve operational efficiencies and reduce costs

    Gain real-time operations visibility to reduce costs and make more productive use of assets, facilities and workforce. Reduce energy, maintenance and insurance costs with preventative diagnostics and monitoring.

Manage & Support Devices & Services From A Single, Secure Platform

Rogers Control Centre gives you real-time visibility into your fleet management devices. From automating device staging and deployment to real-time diagnostics and usage control, this platform streamlines operations and delivers deep strategic insights.

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End-to-end Solutions To Optimize Global Operations

We specialize in end-to-end solution creation. Rogers Professional Services can help you optimize operations while you stay focused on driving your business.

We identify your technology needs then design, deploy and integrate your Oil & Gas solutions. Services range from custom solution design and deployment training sessions, to full tool and business system integration into one platform, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), front office applications and customer care.

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