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Partner Types

Customized solutions for every business

Whether you’re a high-tech company with innovative services or you provide customers with specialized communications expertise, a partnership with Rogers can help your business thrive.

Value-added reseller

Improve your offering with robust support and optimized collaboration

When your business develops a new, innovative way to use Rogers products or services, we all benefit. So we want to be there to ensure you’re getting the best support possible at every stage. By working with us to optimize your services, your offerings will become the best they can be.

As a partner, your business will work directly with a dedicated account executive who will assess your needs and provide a customized solution. This way, every opportunity receives the best pricing and support possible.

IoT reseller

Connect with world-class device management, certification services and business care

Interconnectivity is everywhere, from shipping fleets to smart homes. Supporting this communication between devices is crucial to your business, and Rogers has been on the forefront of this emerging technology for over 15 years.

When you want to enter the Canadian or global market, extend your company’s reach or introduce a new connected device, our Internet of Things (IoT) technology is there to help. Our support ensures that the launch of every new device, product and solution is simple and streamlined so you can focus on its success.

Not only do we bring our expertise in device deployments, wireless data and operational support, we also boast a best-in-class service delivery platform. Our long-term collaboration with global leaders in the industry means we understand exactly what our partners need.

Exclusive agent

Inside information, training and support for your team

Your business is on the front lines, engaging with customers to ensure they get the best product that fits their needs. As a partner, Rogers will offer your team comprehensive training and informational support, so you know our products just as well as we do. Equip each employee with the knowledge and authority necessary to not only make the sale, but to offer the customer assistance that will keep them coming back.

When you partner with Rogers as an exclusive agent, you’ll maintain control of your sales process and customer relationships by owning the entire experience. Not only that, you’ll leverage our marketing resources and development funds while letting us handle fulfilment, billing and more. This way, you can focus on what’s important: making the sale.

Ask us how you can become an exclusive provider of Rogers services today.