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Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee Program

Enjoy greater peace of mind after you purchase new devices for your business


Day 0 - 15
We exchange the defective device

Your device will be replaced with a new like-for-like device. Just take your device back to the original point of purchase. Your device must be in like new condition.

Day 16 - 365
Get courtesy phones while the defective device is repaired, at no cost

Take the device to a store for a no-charge repair. We aim to have the device back in 10 business days, and your workforce can use a free courtesy device while they wait (a $50 deposit may be required).

Courtesy Phone and Repair Program

Get a new device

If you need a faster turnaround, receive a same or like refurbished model within 3-5 business days. Simply return the defective device.

Advance Exchange Program 1 (866) 727-2141

Day 365+
Repair the device

Submit the device through the Courtesy Phone and Repair Program and we will provide you with a quote to repair the device.

Get a new device

Purchase a new or refurbished device. For more information on our standard Out of Warranty Replacement and Repair Programs, please see the Handset Protection Guarantee Program Terms and Conditions.

Extended Warranty Programs

Handset Protection
Rogers Device Protection

Replace stolen, lost or damaged devices. Get comprehensive coverage above and beyond your manufacturer's warranty with Rogers Device Protection.

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Perfect if you want device protection against defects and damage, and Apple tech support, but aren't that worried about losing your device.

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