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Still the most simple, discreet and inexpensive way to get a message.

Cost effective, unlimited usage

  • State-of-the-art national network for reliable, unlimited message delivery
  • Alphanumeric pagers include email service with the monthly service fee
  • Supported by award-winner Business Care

Selecting hardware has never been easier

Numeric Paging

A numeric pager displays "numbers only" telephone numbers or numeric codes. To send you a numeric page, a caller simply dials your pager's phone number and enters any number using their phone's keypad. Most numeric pagers have a limited storage capacity for received messages of up to 24 digits and many offer silent vibration alerts to notify you of new messages.

Alphanumeric Paging

An alphanumeric pager can receive up to 160 characters of numeric and full-text messages sent from a telephone, web dispatch or email. Alphanumeric pagers can be used as an extension of the internet to receive news, weather information, sports scores, financial (stock) quotations, and much more.

Paging coverage

Paging coverage area refers to where your pager must be located to receive a page. You must be within your own coverage area to receive your message.

Rogers offers the following coverage options to meet your service needs:

  • Local - Major urban centres
  • Provincial - Western Canada and Quebec only
  • Regional - Multiple urban centres

Multiple Service Options

Optional services to suit the needs of your business.

Basic Voicemail

Generic greeting with 24-hour storage for up to 15 messages.

Personalized Greeting

15-second personalized greeting gives callers assurance that they have reached the intended user.

Extended Message Length

Allows additional talk time for callers to leave a detailed message of 2, 3 and 4 additional minutes.

Additional Storage

Important messages can be retained up to 48 or 72 hours before they are purged.

Group Call

Simultaneously page a group of Rogers Wireless paging users just by dialing a single pager number.

Loss Protection Plan

Replacement of pager in the case a pager is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Recommended for rental customers. Small deductible is applied.

Repeat Page

The system will retransmit a customer's page two additional times at one-minute intervals.

Page Until Pickup

The system will retransmit any page that has not yet been picked up from the customer's mailbox, to a maximum of 16 pages, with a 15-minute interval per page or until the user accesses their mailbox.

Numeric Message Replay

This service enables customers to have their numeric messages converted to a voice format (digitized) and stored into their mailbox. Even if the pager missed the page, the replay feature will still have the number.

Toll-Free Services

Each region will be equipped with its own common toll free 1-888 number to access the paging terminal. Dial from anywhere in Canada regardless of coverage area, at no additional charge to the customer.

Email2Go Pager Notification

Included with alphanumeric pagers. Rogers alphanumeric subscribers can automatically receive alphanumeric messages from anywhere in the world from a PC using e-mail software connected to the internet.