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Rogers Business Trade-Up

Get more value from your used devices when you upgrade

Simple and Smart

Rogers Business Trade-Up is a smart solution that makes it simple and safe for your business to dispose of used corporate devices while getting a great trade-in price.

Easy to implement

In addition to being a fully certified and easy to implement program, here are some of the benefits of Rogers Business Trade-Up:

  • Simple trade-in criteria.
  • Fully managed buy-back process, prepaid shipping labels and detailed order tracking and reporting.
  • Expert support throughout the trade-in process.
  • Trade-in value guaranteed for 30 days from date of request.
  • All devices properly recycled in accordance with ISO 4001 standards.
  • Data destruction from recovered devices.

Your Business is Safe With Us

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice security for value. We completely remove all personal data from recovered devices, as well as:

  • 100% Quality Control testing to ensure data removal.
  • SIM and MicroSD shredding.
  • Certificate of Destruction for recycled devices.
  • Comprehensive reporting with data wipe verification.