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Wireless Plans

Plans that work the way you work.

One size doesn’t fit all. Your employees need to stay connected, but they rarely have the same wireless needs. Some roam, some stay put, and some use vast amounts of data, making it difficult for you to manage wireless usage and costs. As your business grows and user needs and demands evolve, having a plan that is easy to manage, makes costs predictable and keeps employees connected and productive is critical.

Our wireless plans let you choose the right plans for your needs, with a range of options for groups and individuals. We’ll review how your employees use their plans to determine where improvements can be made and how savings can be achieved.

Keep costs predictable with flexible and shareable data.

One number for all your devices.

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Travel worry-free with business roaming packs.

Getting your plan right

We’ll work with you to develop a plan with the right combination of features – including long distance, roaming options, and shareable or flexible data – to improve collaboration and productivity throughout your organization.