Deliver choice &security through
an enterprise
app store

White Label App Store

Distribute enterprise apps through a secure, custom-branded mobile experience

Widespread adoption of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and business application development has led to a mass uptake of third-party and custom business apps. The question for many businesses is how to securely provision and manage the apps they have authorized for use?

Rogers White Label App Store is a secure, scalable solution that allows your organization to deploy a wide range of enterprise apps without adding to the burden of IT departments. You can enable predefined groups of employees, partners, even customers to securely download approved apps as they need them. The enterprise app store also allows you to monitor demand for popular apps and automate the procurement of enterprise software licenses as part of the normal requisitioning process.

Get ahead of the game and set up your custom-branded internal app store today.

The Growing Need For An “app Store” Distribution Model

While companies need to preconfigure and remotely install some apps on devices, many business apps are best managed through an enterprise app store. Policy design and management features allow partners and customers to access apps that can improve relationships and operational performance.

Why Choose a Branded App Store from Rogers?

  • Empower Users With Choice

    Enable your end users to select the company-approved apps they need to be productive. Delegate choice without losing control of cost and security issues.

  • Secure Devices And Networks

    Use remote and automated security controls to secure data on lost, stolen, or decommissioned devices.

  • Capture Insight

    Monitor through a centralized console all devices enabled for business use.

  • Customize Access

    Define as many user groups as required, and customize the list of apps each group is authorized to download.

  • Enforce Mobile Device Policy

    Introduce new mobile device policy and security controls when users download the app store.

White Label App Store - Key Features

  • Dynamic Device Interrogation

    Provide real-time information, such as what version of an operating system a device is running, so that the correct version of an app is remotely installed on that device.

  • Customizable User Experience

    Deliver a consistent, branded user experience for all users, while ensuring users can only download approved apps.

  • Group Mobile Policy Management

    Preconfigure and distribute mobile applications to users based on device types, job functions and other criteria. Ensure that users get the apps they need, and reduce their time spent configuring new apps.

  • Remote Provisioning & Control

    Push applications to remote devices over the service network. Remotely configure devices and remotely secure data on lost, stolen, or decommissioned devices.