No More
Paper Forms or

Mobile Forms

Improve data capture in the field with Rogers Mobile Form solutions

Paper forms are an inefficient way to collect data and can even result in missed business opportunities. Businesses need a fast and simple way to connect mobile workers to back-end systems and cloud services and to capture data in real time.

Rogers Mobile Forms let businesses collect and submit field data in real time. Our mobile workflow solutions include custom and turnkey mobile forms, a web portal to manage teams and complete system integration services.

What’s included in a Rogers Mobile Form solution?

Mobile Forms

Choose from a library of turnkey mobile form templates or work with Rogers solutions consultants to build and deploy custom designed forms.

Mobile Forms Web Portal

Create and dispatch custom mobile forms, manage your forms, field users, all incoming and outgoing data and generate powerful reports.

Full Integration Services

Leverage powerful cloud services, and deliver data in real time to your back office.

Why use Mobile Forms?


    Eliminate paper forms and manual data re-entry. Automate calculations within forms to save time and ensure accuracy. Capture digital signatures and photos and scan barcodes while on the road.

  • Improve Mobile Customer Service

    Deliver services faster and more effectively by enabling field staff to look up customer information, inventory, schedules, part numbers and pricing.


    Automate reporting, and enable same-day invoicing as services are performed or deliveries completed.

  • Control Costs

    Minimize upfront investment and deployment time/resources with a cloud-based solution.


    Avoid the costly errors that can result from re-entering vital information. Geo-stamp the locations of form submissions.

Mobilize many tasks and processes with Rogers Mobile Forms

  • Credit Card Processing

    Accept credit card processing on your mobile device.

  • Sketch Pad

    Sketch on a blank canvas, pre-loaded image or device image.

  • Skip Logic

    Create sophisticated forms that adapt based on selections.

  • Dispatch

    Dispatch work orders to workers and teams in the field.

  • Barcode Scanning

    Scan and instantly integrate barcodes into forms.

  • Calculations

    Perform calculations on form inputs and better confirm quotes.

  • Signature Capture

    Get written authorization right on your device.

  • Geo-stamp Location

    View the location of job sites and work performed.

  • External Data Sources

    Embed information into forms with look-up tables.

  • Photo Capture

    Add a picture to your form for better reports and inspections.