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Mobile VPN

Maximize mobile worker productivity with persistent secure data connections

Your mobile workforce depends on enterprise business applications but dropped wireless connections result in lost time, frustration and IT support calls. Rogers Mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN), powered by NetMotion, builds a reliable mobile VPN tunnel that secures data connections. It also pauses mobile apps as workers roam, so they are more productive and focused on their jobs—not the technology.

For IT administrators, Rogers Mobile VPN provides the security, visibility and centralized control needed to manage and get the most out of mobile investments. Enterprises can rely on Rogers Mobile VPN to deliver reliable connectivity across all networks.

Why Mobile VPN?


Keep mobile apps running. No logging in again. No troubleshooting.


Configure and manage all aspects of the system through a central console.


Improve app responsiveness and productivity over wireless networks by reducing protocol overhead and transmitting less data. Keep applications alive and stable through any disruption.


The industry’s strongest security with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption. Supports two-factor authentication and policy management.

Add-On Modules for Powerful Management and Control

  • Analytics

    Provide detailed business insight about performance and usage, as well as gathering data on networks and apps used by workers.

  • Policy Management

    Create and enforce security policies based on business needs. Create policies to control applications and access by user, device, network or app. Manage traffic with quality of service (QOS) and confine bandwidth-intensive applications to high-capacity connections.

  • Network Access Control (NAC)

    Ensures workers’ devices have adequate security measures in place before granting access to networks, applications and data.