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Mobile Device Security Policy

Put the right policy in place and secure your organization’s mobile success

As the workstation goes mobile, it’s essential to have guidelines in place to direct mobile access and usage. Creating an enterprise mobile device policy is the first step toward controlling and securing your mobile IT environment and ensuring employees understand the responsibilities that come with greater freedom.

Rogers Mobile Device Policy Design services will help your organization responsibly seize the opportunities that mobility presents. Protect sensitive information, clarify which mobile devices, apps and users you support, control how authorized users access company information and define how the company will respond if security is breached.

Why Choose Rogers Mobile Device Policy Design Services?

Educate Your Workforce

Build employee awareness, knowledge and acceptance of mobile device policies.

Deploy Policies Quickly

Quickly develop mobile device policies with templates or custom policy design services.

Increase Mobile Security

Identify your greatest threats and evaluate their potential impact so you can design proactive mobile device policies.

Automate Acceptance

Disseminate mobile device policies, tracking receipt and acceptance with policy management tools.

Gain Control

Achieve greater visibility of mobile device usage, spend and security.

Rogers Mobile Device Policy Design Services Include:

  • Mobile Device Policy Guidebook

    This comprehensive guide provides mobile device policy templates, core considerations, sample policies, use-cases and scenarios that help you quickly put policy in place and implement with little or no customization.

  • Consulting Engagement

    Our consultants work in tandem with your HR, legal and IT teams to design mobile device policies tailored to your specific business needs.

  • Online Policy Management Tool

    Host your mobile device policies through a company-branded online portal that can be customized for each department and/or user type and has configurable admin capabilities.

  • Individual Policy Management

    Track policy receipt and acceptance for both new and existing employees, while providing on-demand reporting for your IT and HR teams.

Part of a Full Mobility Management Lifecycle Strategy

Rogers world-class technical support services and award-winning enterprise business care help leverage our cloud-based, turnkey services.