Reduce yourorganization's
total cost
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Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Gain full control of global telecom expenses

The fast pace of innovation makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to manage mobility costs. For many companies, validating rates, paying vendors on time and creating accurate management reports seem like impossible undertakings.

Rogers Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions help organizations reduce costs and administration, and gain better visibility of their expenses. By delivering award-winning software and technology-enabled services, Rogers helps global organizations of all sizes manage, understand and control their fixed and mobile communications assets and costs.

Why Choose Telecom Expense Management Solutions from Rogers?

  • Control & Reduce Costs

    Proactively manage wireless, wireline and mobile device spending.

  • Simplify Management

    Reduce the amount of time staff invests in telecom expense management activities.

  • Improve Visibility

    Control global telecommunication expenses through business intelligence reporting and dashboards.

  • Reduce Complexity

    Streamline, integrate and automate telecommunications expense management processes.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Leverage the functionality and efficiency of monthly electronic invoice acquisition, validation and reconciliation.

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    Total Cost of Mobility

Manage and Optimize the Telecom Expense Lifecycle with Rogers

  • Mobile Invoice Validation & Reconciliation

    Performs monthly analysis and billing validation. By tracking costs by device, audit and validation happen at the most granular level possible to detect billing errors.

  • Mobile Invoice Collection & Consolidation

    For Rogers accounts, invoice data is loaded from our mobile telecom expense management platform. For other carriers, a universal invoice mapper supports more than 200 electronic formats from over 1700 carriers, and across 200 countries and principalities.

  • Rate Plan Optimization

    Rogers Managed Mobility Services solution includes tracking a rolling 3 months of mobile services consumption. It also makes quarterly plan changes across the mobile user fleet to account for new orders, disconnects and usage patterns.

  • Audit & Assurance

    Rogers provides system-level alerts for invoice threshold variances, misapplied rates, inventory errors, past due balances, applied credits and late fees. An audit team reviews invoices cramming, slamming, thrifty billing, third party charges, tax errors, misapplied discounts, credits and contract rates. Downloads, ring-tones, needless handset insurance and standard carrier feature charges often loaded into new service orders are also audited.

  • Invoice Payments

    Appropriately allocate invoices by directing carrier charges to cost centres you define. The Rogers telecom expense management platform sends cost allocation data to your financial application as an importable data file.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Advanced reporting provides a complete wireless device inventory and an analysis engine allowing top down or bottom up searching for expense reduction areas. It also shows which devices employees use and usage/spend by department.

  • Inventory Management

    A complete inventory of services and mobile devices including device type, manufacturer, model, serial number, device owner and other information required by the enterprise.

Part of a Full Mobility Management Lifecycle Strategy

Rogers world-class technical support services and award-winning enterprise business care help leverage our cloud-based, turnkey services.