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Discover The Potential Of The Internet of Things

As the world becomes more hyper-connected, so too does the way we do business. With the Internet of Things (IoT), remote sensors gather information used by machines and humans to increase efficiency, promote better decision-making and build competitive advantages, regardless of industry or company size.

Optimize your investment with turnkey solutions that help you implement simple, fast and cost-effective end-to-end IoT technology that fits your business. IoT solutions can be managed and viewed right from your team’s mobile devices and are easy and quick to set up.

See IoT In Action:

Canada's #1 IoT provider

Rogers has the most comprehensive set of solutions for IoT in Canada.
- Vikrant Gandhi, Industry Director, Frost and Sullivan, 2015

2015 Canadian Cellular M2M and IoT Market Leadership Award

Why Choose Rogers?

Rogers keeps IoT simple, allowing you to focus on the success of your business. Here’s how:

Simplified Management
Implement and manage IoT with the help of a single point of contact.
Faster Return On Investment
Deploy end-to-end IoT quickly with turnkey solutions.
End-to-end “as-a-service”
Proactive support of every connected device, appliance and tool.
Iot Leadership
With over 1.5 million IoT connections, Rogers powers more IoT endpoints than any other Canadian business +(view details) and has over 15 years of experience helping Canadian companies automate their operations with sensor-based technology.
Rogers Network Advantage
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from highly reliable network environments, optimized for IoT deployments with embedded end-to-end data security.
International Reach
Rogers is the exclusive Canadian partner in the IoT World Alliance, with multi-operator IoT agreements in over 60 countries.

Featured Industry Solutions


Monitor temperature, moisture levels, and other key metrics with our networked sensors to assist with precision farming. We’ll work with you to analyze critical data and identify areas to improve efficiency, while saving you time and money.

Featured solutions:

Farm & Food Safety Monitoring
Receive real-time data on livestock and equipment with online reports and threshold alerts.
Level Monitoring
Monitor the levels of materials throughout your supply chain and receive alerts when they range too high or low.
Cold Chain Management
Make sure goods that must be cold stay cold, with up-to-the-minute temperature reports and alerts to any dangers.


Get greater visibility into your shipments to avoid situations that can affect perishable food. We’ll set up automatic notifications that will signal any problems before they arise, ensuring that food quality stays high and fuel costs go down.

Our solutions are modular and if you’re not currently distributing perishable goods, we can still offer you a robust fleet management solution that includes features to help your organization meet transportation regulatory compliance.

Featured solutions:

Fleet Management
Get the most out of your trailers, freight vehicles and other assets that make up your fleet by tracking such data as truck speed, cargo temperature and driver performance.
Cold Chain Management
Ensure assets that must remain below a certain temperature stay cold throughout their journey with real-time reports and alerts.
Food Safety Monitoring
Reduce the cost of wasted food with remote monitoring solutions across your fleet of transport vehicles.
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Easily monitor, maintain and automate equipment, appliances and tanks by putting sensors in your manufacturing facilities and having the data available on any device. We’ll work with you to analyze critical data and identify solutions to maximize your efforts.

Featured solutions:

Equipment Monitoring
Safeguard against theft and damage to assets by monitoring your equipment in real time.
Level Monitoring
Monitor the levels of inventory throughout your supply chain and receive alerts when they range too high or low.
Food Safety Monitoring
Keep perishable goods safe and reduce the cost of wasted food with remote monitoring solutions that provide features, such as online reports and threshold alerts.

Restaurant & Food Services

Connected sensors help keep food fresh, reduce waste, track inventory and maintain Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance. We’ll set up the technology and help you manage it, saving you both time and money as you remotely track inventory and log the temperatures of your fridges, ovens and other appliances.

Featured solutions:

Food Safety Monitoring
Reduce the amount of wasted food in your facilities with monitoring solutions that provide online reports and threshold alerts.
Temperature Monitoring
Prevent appliance failures and maximize equipment utilization by monitoring, logging and responding to incidents triggered by user defined alerts, remotely.
Cold Chain Management
Ensure optimal temperature levels of foods that must remain cold with automatic reports and alerts.

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