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Asset Management

Get more from equipment and resources

Organizations are looking to get more value from their assets. Connected devices and machines, advanced sensor networks and real-time systems can enable asset management and management; this maximizes operational efficiency and helps manage costs. But tracking and monitoring solutions that include network nodes, hardware, software, installation, maintenance and more can be complex and costly.

Rogers Asset Management contains costs and reduces complexity. Our solutions monitor remote systems, track moving assets (including fleets) and enable real-time data and event interpretation. With our technology partners, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and solution design expertise, we can help ensure your assets perform securely, efficiently and profitably.

Rogers Asset Management solutions

Fixed Asset Monitoring

Monitor and control physical assets remotely and affordably in real time. Capturing and relaying relevant information without human intervention can reduce downtime and increase asset performance.

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Mobile Asset Tracking

Use real-time data to gain greater visibility and control over mobile assets. Mobile Asset Tracking solutions can help you streamline the supply chain, speed up decision-making and improve customer satisfaction.

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Fleet Management

Know what your vehicles are doing at all times. Tracking and recording fleet information can improve routing and efficiency, helping you reduce costs.

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Remote Surveillance

Stay connected, even when you're not there. Access information and capture, analyze and verify what's happening from anywhere.

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Discover the potential of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is about much more than connected machines – it’s about working differently and better so that businesses and customers benefit, both now and in the future.

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