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Fixed Asset Monitoring

Reduce downtime and increase asset performance

Organizations need real-time data and control over their assets, so they can make smarter business decisions. We have been helping organizations gain greater control and understanding of how their assets perform for over 15 years. As the leading national Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, Rogers has connected everything from fuel tanks and reservoirs to smart meters and healthcare equipment and we manage the supporting devices on our customer’s behalf.

Rogers Fixed Asset Monitoring solutions allow companies to monitor and control remote assets with a single global view from anywhere in the world. Real-time data and event interpretation can reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies.

Food Safety Monitoring

At Rogers, we’re committed to helping businesses enhance food safety systems across the entire food supply chain. Within heavily regulated industries such as the Canadian food industry, Rogers remote monitoring solutions will help ensure compliance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) to prevent food borne illness.

Connected sensor technology for temperature monitoring, online reporting and threshold alerts will help your business:

Keep perishable goods safe

Reduce the cost of wasted and spoiled products

Automate and eliminate manual processes

Help achieve HACCP compliance

Improve operational efficiency and worker productivity

Click the link to calculate the cost you can save with our Food Safety ROI Calculator.

Level Monitoring

Improve safety and operate more efficiently and effectively knowing where your combustible and noncombustible liquid, pelletized product and waste levels are along the supply chain.

You can check your levels when you want, or you can set up alerts to notify you when they are approaching capacities or nearing depletion.

Farm & Food Monitoring

Automate and monitor your environment and equipment, track food and improve safety to ensure your business is running optimally.

  • Achieve greater visibility over your agricultural assets
  • Monitor food produce, livestock and equipment
  • Automate and eliminate manual processes
  • Monitor and receive alerts to reduce waste expenses
  • Help achieve HACCP compliance
  • Receive real-time operational intelligence
  • Improve employee and workplace safety

Remote Surveillance

  • Across industries, real-time remote monitoring can help you increase business profitability.
  • Diagnose problems remotely for real-time response.
  • Remotely monitor and configure machine performance to prevent costly breakdowns and reduce unnecessary maintenance and truck rolls.
  • Optimize product inventory and assortment to improve customer experience and business operations.

Simplify deployment

Deploying and managing connected devices and machines, advanced sensor networks and real-time systems can be complex and time-consuming.

Our Professional Services Solution Consultants can help reduce complexity and costs. Our services range from design, installation and hardware and software integration to maintenance and monitoring. Our IoT platforms, technology partners and professional service expertise can help you deploy your assets and have them perform securely, efficiently and profitably.

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Fully supported solution offers

We can proactively support every connected device, appliance, tank and tool you have, so you can focus on running your business — knowing your technology’s always good to go.

Rogers delivers 24/7 monitoring, every day of the year, to many food-industry businesses. Our in-house support teams will proactively resolve IoT device, connectivity and application issues on your behalf. We are focused on ensuring that business continuity is safeguarded, risk of downtime is greatly diminished and return on investment is maximized.

Internet of Things

Gain crucial business insights and forge strong customer relationships with easy, cost effective IoT solutions.

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Drive bottom line results with seamlessly integrated telemetry applications, including:

Sensor networks

Industrial control systems (SCADA)

Smart metering

Smart vending

Smart farms

Food Safety ROI Calculator

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  • Automatic alerts
  • Avoid spillage
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Achieve compliance
  • Go paperless
  • 24/7 Reporting
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