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Fleet Management

Remotely track, monitor and manage vehicles and freight

Mobile assets like trailers and freight vehicles are big investments. Rogers Fleet Management solutions help you optimize fleet performance so you get more out of your investment. Our solutions monitor vehicle and driver performance, track and manage fleets and enable real-time data and event interpretation — so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Rogers is an industry leader in fleet management and tracking for Fortune 500 companies. With our technology partners, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and solution design expertise, we can help your fleet perform securely, efficiently and profitably.

Cold Chain Management

Along with a robust fleet tracking and management solution, our solutions give our clients a real-time view of mobile asset health by tracking and monitoring the temperature of critical goods and assets throughout the entire cold chain. You can monitor on-board diagnostics of mobile assets directly from your head office with real-time information, reporting and alerts. This can help your business:

  • Save money – Reduce the cost of wasted and spoiled products on board.
  • Achieve compliance – Assist with HACCP, GDP, and other industry regulations, while helping with the safe transport preservation of temperature-critical goods.

Fleet Tracking & Dispatch

Know where your fleet is at all times and improve communication with drivers. Rogers can help you increase operating productivity while reducing fleet and fuel costs.

Fleet Tracking and Dispatch allows you to:

Control costs

Reduce fuel, insurance and operating costs with more efficient routing and vehicle monitoring.

Improve productivity and performance

Streamline processes and complete more work orders each day. Increase deliveries and pickups by optimizing routes with specialized dispatcher applications.

Keep your fleet connected

Facilitate communication between your drivers and your central office.

Ensure safety and compliance

Be sure drivers and vehicles perform safely and adhere to guidelines. Receive alerts when rules are breached or unacceptable activities occur.

Make decisions in real time

Track vehicles and drivers with GPS data on electronic maps. Stay informed of location, arrivals and departures in real time.

Level Monitoring

Improve safety and operate more efficiently and effectively knowing where your combustible and noncombustible liquid, pelletized product and waste levels are along the supply chain.

You can check your levels when you want, or you can set up alerts to notify you when they are approaching unsafe conditions.

Fleet managers can:

Improve asset visibility

Monitor and manage your fleet with easy-to-use online tools.

Improve efficiency

Eliminate paperwork with secure online access to electronic records. Reduce audits with up-to-date paperless reports.

Ensure safety and compliance

Manage driver and vehicle performance and compliance with electronic logs and records. Proactively address CSA safety risks with electronic onboard recorders (EOBR). Identify Hours of Service (HOS) risk trends. Receive automatic alerts of violations or limited hours remaining.

Control costs

Reduce fuel, maintenance and insurance costs with preventative diagnostics.

Drivers can:

Automate manual processes

Use an intuitive interface that requires minimal driver interaction. Graphical logs make roadside inspections easy and safe.

Monitor safety and compliance

Receive automated notifications of limited hours remaining.

Fleet Analytics

Remotely monitor vehicle and driver performance, meet industry regulations and identify problems early. Rogers Fleet Analytics solutions have low upfront hardware costs, are easy to install and require virtually no downtime for implementation.

Internet of Things

Gain crucial business insights and forge strong customer relationships with easy, cost-effective IoT solutions.

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