Actionable data,
in real time

Mobile Asset Tracking

Gain greater visibility and control over mobile assets

Knowing the exact location and condition of your assets means you can use them more productively, speed up decision-making and improve customer service.

With Rogers Mobile Asset Tracking solutions, companies gain better visibility into their key assets. Using wireless devices, software and applications, we can help you locate, secure and use your property, materials and workforce more productively. Our solutions also help you defend against theft, tampering and unauthorized use through improved operations control.

For your assets

Mobile asset tracking and theft prevention help monitor high-value materials, inventory and large movable assets like shipping containers, generators, trailers and construction equipment.

Use your assets more productively

Deploy and route field operations, trucks or personnel.

Improve asset tracking and protect against theft

Eliminate slow manual inventory systems, locate and recover remote or missing assets and speed up re-deployment.

Monitor conditions in real time

Receive alerts when conditions such as location, motion, temperature, humidity, etc change.

Improve customer satisfaction

Report on shipment status and arrival times with real-time and historical data tracking, or bill customers when assets are deployed.

Streamline supply chain

Make informed decisions and react quickly to issues or opportunities with full supply chain visibility.

For Your Workforce

We offer wirelessly connected worker safety monitoring and tracking solutions.

Improve safety

Rogers Lone Worker Safety solutions deliver safety, security and personnel location awareness.

Monitor conditions in real time

Share current environmental conditions and be better prepared to connect with emergency services.

End-to-end solutions for Mobile Asset Tracking

While we can assist you at any stage of deployment, we specialize in end-to-end solution creation. We help reduce complexity and contain costs with proven technologies and industry-leading expertise for design, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

With our technology partners, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and design expertise, we help quickly deploy your Mobile Asset Tracking solution so it delivers actionable real-time data, fast.

Internet of Things technology

Helps deliver solutions for the connected enterprise

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