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Remote Surveillance

Reduce theft, cut operating costs and learn more about customers

Security is a priority for every business. With multiple sites, storefronts or warehouses, centralized supervision and visibility are critical to operations management, security and customer service. However, for many organizations, surveillance video is often locked in the back room and rarely either watched or used.

With Rogers Remote Surveillance solutions, you can access videos from the palm of your hand. Real-time and recorded feeds provide situational visibility and actionable intelligence using Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices and your existing video assets, cameras and alarms are connected to emergency services or private monitoring stations. And with no wires to snip, the connection is more secure and easily deployed in remote locations.

Always Stay Connected to Your Business

Eliminate geographic limitations

Oversee multiple locations on one device, no matter where you are in the world.

Improve work processes, contain costs and reward employees

Recognize positive employee behaviour and standardize processes across locations.

Improve security and reduce theft

Get alerts when something isn’t right. Deter theft. Keep remote workers safely connected to security teams. Save time and money by digitally delivering evidence and reporting incidents to law enforcement or insurance companies.

Get closer to your customers with video analytics

Monitor traffic patterns, demographics and customer behaviour so you can fine-tune store flow, product assortment and placement, and improve customer service.

Minimize infrastructure and business disruption

Enhance your customer database with insights captured Avoid the difficulties and limitations of networking and wires. Upgrade existing cameras and/or install new ones in hard-to-reach places.

Rogers remote surveillance features

  • Real-time management
  • Simultaneous surveillance at multiple sites, with multiple views
  • Low-latency live-streaming video
  • Recorded video streaming
  • Top-quality sound and image recording
  • Time sync between views
  • Multiple platforms
  • Optimized video delivery
  • Remote control of alarm systems
  • Seamless integration
  • Mobile investigations
  • Shareable critical video

End-to-End Remote Surveillance Solutions

While we can assist you at any stage of deployment, we specialize in end-to-end solution creation. We help reduce complexity and contain costs with proven technologies (including IoT) and industry-leading expertise for design, deployment and ongoing system management and maintenance.

We will help you deploy your Remote Surveillance solution, so you begin receiving actionable real-time visibility, fast.

Managed services can include:

  • Operations video surveillance through
  • IT infrastructure management
  • On-site and remote support solutions
  • Hosted remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Trouble ticket services
  • Consulting services

Internet of Things technology

Help delivery solutions for the connected enterprise.

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