Rich insight into
your customers

Analytics & Insights

Track, analyze and influence customer behaviour

Customer analytics provide ample behavioural insight into web activity by capturing and analyzing user location visits and identity- based information.

Businesses can then use these analytics to:

  • better understand the needs of their consumers
  • tailor in-store product assortments
  • target marketing campaigns
  • send real-time personalized mobile offers and promotions

Rogers can help collect and provides your business with information on a user, location, and other personal or behavioural data. With our Wi-Fi solutions you will gain powerful information that can then be used to better manage your workforce and/or market to your customers.

Intelligence to help know your customers

Understand local customer behaviour through powerful analytics dashboards.

Turn browsers into buyers. Our solutions recognize when shoppers enter a parking lot or
store so retailers can push targeted,
time-sensitive offers to their mobile devices.

Enhance your customer database with insights captured from behavioural analytics.

Leverage analytics to reward loyal customers to enhance the overall experience.

Uncover meaningful patterns
with traffic analytics

  • Capture rate (in-store vs. walk-by vs. walk-in)
  • Dwell time
  • Visit frequency (across chains)
  • Visit duration
  • Loyalty (repeat visitors vs. new visitors)

Insights & Resources

Flexible integration

Analytics from a Rogers Wi-Fi can be connected to a variety of back-end systems, including databases, web services and any enterprise application that leverages service-oriented architecture.

First-class solution delivery

Explore how Rogers Professional Services will work with you to ensure your implementations' end-to-end success.

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