Digital Signage Solutions
for Companies

Digital Signage

Engage customers with relevant, timely messaging

Customers want access to helpful information on their own terms. Digital signage solutions are an ideal extension of any marketing campaign and help organizations reimagine customer communication. They facilitate better decision-making, improve customer experiences and increase revenue.

Rogers wireless-based Digital Signage solutions help companies deliver:

  • Targeted content updated in real time
  • High-bandwidth, multi-media user experiences
  • User profiling through intelligent technology

Why choose a Digital Signage solution from Rogers?

Improve brand experience

High-definition, multi-lingual touchscreens create memorable one-to-one and one-to-many customer interactions.

Capture customers insights

Centrally track and analyze customer inquiries, feedback and behaviour to fine-tune the customer experience.

Quickly distribute and customize content from a central location, in real time

Quickly tailor and update content to adapt to changing market conditions, sign locations, time of day and more.


We are experts in interactive media and digital signage. Let Rogers help you engage customers through high-impact software, interactive, multipurpose digital screens and televisions.

High-impact Digital Signage is ideal for:

Fixed location marketing

Showcase products, improve merchandising and promote special events, menus, advertisements and more.

Digital wayfinding

Interactive floor plans to help customers find their way and view product placement.


Conduct surveys and collect customer information.

Temporary & guerrilla marketing

Interactive marketing and promotional campaigns on wireless digital touchscreens that can be moved throughout your location.

Generating incremental revenue

Showcase advertising or sell space for digital signage network companies.

Custom kiosks

Create differentiated brand experiences with custom apps on kiosks.

Deploy quickly, operate effectively

Designing and deploying a Digital Signage network can be daunting and time-consuming. With our Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, technology partners and professional service expertise, we will design, integrate, deploy and maintain the end-to-end solution, and ensure your Digital Signage solution operates effectively.

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Mobile Experiences

Make it easy for customers
to engage with your business
on-site using mobile offers,
applications and mobile

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