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Mobile Experiences

Innovative, measurable ways to reach customers

Technology is redefining the consumer shopping experience. The mobile space is already a significant part of the path to purchase. When it comes to encouraging consideration and purchases, and for building and maintaining customer loyalty, mobile is no longer optional. More and more, customers are expecting to be able to quickly access and review product information anywhere, anytime.

Staying competitive in a mobile-focused consumer landscape includes using the data mobile shoppers constantly generate to shape marketing and communication strategies. Being able to track how effectively marketing campaigns drive traffic, knowing when VIPs are on location, deterring showrooming, improving customer experiences and encouraging purchases are just some of the business advantages of embracing mobile solutions.

Get insight about mobile platform usage, traffic flows throughout physical locations, dwell time, and web destinations with analytics powered by Guest Wi-Fi and sensors. Make it easy for customers to engage with your business on-site using mobile offers, applications and mobile payments. Mobile Experience services from Rogers are designed to help businesses engage more customers, close more sales and build brand loyalty by transforming the entire buying experience.

How can mobile experiences help businesses
and benefit customers?

Guest Wi-Fi
  • Improve customers’ on-site experiences with free Wi-Fi
  • Attract more customers and keep them in your location longer
  • Integrate on-site, online and mobile channels
  • Combine multimedia tools, QR codes, on-location displays, digital signage and more
Mobile offers
  • Analyze customer data to generate the next offer
  • Encourage purchases with targeted incentives and promotions
  • Send targeted, time-sensitive offers while opted-in customers shop
  • Provide rewards redeemable only in your location
Traffic analytics
  • Measure foot traffic, visit duration and repeat shopping
  • Get a complete picture of on-location activity to optimize marketing, merchandising and operations
  • Install sensors to collect critical consumer insights
  • Measure the effectiveness of location-based offers and campaigns
  • Determine if, or how much, dwell time influences purchasing behaviour
Mobile payments and transactions
  • Enable fast and convenient transactions
  • Lower merchant costs
  • Gain customer data
  • Provide a highly secure, personalized customer experience

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