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Rapid Application Development Tools & Platform

Enabling organizations to effectively engage customers and employees with powerful mobile experiences on any device

Develop and manage mobile experiences anywhere. People are using mobile devices for everything, from getting directions to comparing prices — sometimes while they’re still in-store. With consumers demanding better customer service and on-location experiences in every industry, it’s becoming more important for businesses to rethink how best to reach them.

The Rogers Application Development Platform allows visitors and employees to conduct business using Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Users can also preview and publish instantly, making their mobile sites accessible across different devices.

With our tools, businesses can oversee and control mobile experiences across different locations and individual Wi-Fi access points and easily add and manage locations or make custom changes.

Why choose a mobile application development platform?

Enhance your visitor experience by providing location-specific information and real-time updates.

Drive advertising revenue

Businesses can monetize portals through display, interactive or video advertising.

Easy setup and management

Update and manage mobile experiences through a simple Portal Manager app on your mobile phone.

Gain deeper insights

Learn about your customers based on how they use content and services at your locations.

Flexible integration

Extract analytics from Rogers Wi-Fi solutions and connect to a variety of back-end systems, including databases, web services or any enterprise application that leverages service-oriented architecture.

Reduce development time and cost

Lower the cost of creating mobility experiences and decrease your time to market by leveraging out-of-box modules and an intuitive development portal.

First-class solution delivery

Explore how Rogers Professional Services will work with you to ensure your implementations’ end-to-end success.

Guest Wi-Fi

Learn more about your customers and make better, more informed decisions.

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