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Business Models

Rogers will help you build a business model uniquely suited to your needs.

Move smoothly through consultation, certification and launch as you bring your devices to market, with help from Rogers. But this isn’t all—we can also collaborate with you to develop custom business models—from wholesale, to machine-to-consumer platforms, to anything in between.

Meet your customers' needs and get the most value out of your devices with solutions molded to fit your chosen business plan.

What Business Model is Right for You?

It depends on where you want the responsibility for devices, platforms, billing and support services to reside.


If all you need is network connectivity and device certification, here's where the responsibilities lay:

  • Device certification, SIM cards, connectivity
  • Custom or dedicated APNs
  • Support for tier-2 technical requirements
  • Devices, customer support, billing
  • Purchase data for your devices


If you require a billing platform and support services alongside connectivity and certification, responsibility is distributed this way:

  • Device certification, SIM cards, connectivity
  • Customer support, billing
  • Data plan purchase, including LTE connectivity
  • Data plan subscription(s), based on end-user needs
  • Devices


Let's work together to discover what works best for you, so you can execute your business model your way.

  • We’ll help you develop the model you need to launch your go-to-market strategy and meet end-user needs
  • Rogers provides the network support and final certification, while you bring the devices
  • We’ll collaborate with you to decide who owns technical infrastructure, service, billing and distribution plans.

Get to market fast

Bring your devices to market quickly and efficiently with support from Rogers sales channels.


Connect your devices and enable your brand.


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