Fibre Internet

Stable, affordable connectivity your business can depend on

To stay competitive, today’s businesses require constant connectivity, powerful performance, and flexibility for future growth. As game changers like cloud computing and workforce mobility become ever more crucial to productivity, so do the internet services needed to make it all possible.

With reliable uptime on our fibre backbone, you can rest assured knowing that we back our network availability and performance with service level agreements that offer compensation. Keep your employees connected and collaborating while potentially saving thousands in revenue. You’ll also get the speed and bandwidth necessary to enable cost-saving cloud applications, and be able to seamlessly scale up your services.

Benefits of Rogers Business Internet solutions

Powerful performance

Featuring up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth, 200+ peering connections ensuring direct access to the most popular websites, and even faster speeds for Rogers-to-Rogers connections with our 9 million subscribers.

Reliable uptime

Rogers wholly owned and operated nationwide fibre optic network features virtually continuous uptime and direct access to Points of Presence (POPs) in all major Canadian cities and major access points in the US.

Immediate scalability

Add new services and increase bandwidth on the fly with our onsite multiservice switch, eliminating the need for new hardware and service visits.

Exceptional DDoS protection

Protect your business against Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks with our best-in-class security add-on. Not only do we defend your digital assets from these attacks, we help ensure that your customers have uninterrupted access to your site.

Looking for Rogers Fibre Internet for your business?

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Business Internet solutions

Choose from three service options:

Dedicated internet

Enjoy fixed speeds with unlimited usage and no overage charges. Great if you have predictable usage or want your costs to remain constant.

Choose bandwidth:
2 Mbps – 10 Gbps

Burstable internet

Offers variable speeds with unlimited usage and only pay for overages when you need it. Ideal if you occasionally need more bandwidth.

Volume internet

Access fixed speeds with volume-based usage, and works great as a low-cost back-up internet service. Best if you have a predictable amount of usage per month.

Rogers Fibre Internet for business is available in your area.

Rogers Fibre Internet for business is currently unavailable in your area.

However, we’re continuing to expand our network and may have other business internet solutions to meet your needs.