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Achieve flexible, highly scalable IP voice telephony with Rogers

While many businesses are rapidly adopting IP telephony solutions, many aren’t taking advantage of all it can offer. Their system may be limited to their local area network. Or their IT team may be spending too much time maintaining separate voice and data networks. They could also be experiencing reliability, quality or security issues because they’re using a Voice over IP solution that simply isn’t enterprise grade.

Customize your voice infrastructure to your business needs. SIP Trunking from Rogers provides the voice quality, flexibility and business continuity that complex organizations require. Scale rapidly to support call volume with the confidence that comes from guaranteed, SLA-backed Quality of Service.

Routed across our dedicated, Canada-wide Fibre Optic Network, SIP Trunking from Rogers bypasses Internet congestion. It leverages the existing redundancy, diversity and rerouting capabilities of your IP network for stunning voice clarity and the highest level of security. Benefit from the capacity management, efficiency and evolution-readiness of a consolidated voice and data network.

Why SIP Trunking?

Improve infrastructure ROI

Get more out of your existing IP infrastructure when you consolidate voice and data for all sites onto one network. Eliminate the inefficiencies of maintaining multiple networks and free up IT resources to fuel growth and innovation.

Reliability and quality of service

Our high-capacity, private, 100% fibre optic network bypasses Internet congestion to ensure reliability and security. Quality of service (QoS) is guaranteed and backed with a service level agreement.

Flexible scalability

Add voice sessions on the fly as business needs change. No technician visits are required when scaling up or down to support call volume.

Business continuity

Ensure business continuity with disaster recovery planning, robust redundancy and failover capabilities, as well as centralized monitoring and control.


Lay the foundation for advanced collaboration with SIP Trunking from Rogers. Enjoy the benefits of reliable, highly scalable IP voice telephony as you lay the groundwork for tomorrow.

Services and Features

SIP Trunking from Rogers combines the full range of standard voice communication features with the flexibility of IP.

Standard features include:

  • Inbound & local outbound calling
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers
  • Domestic & International Long Distance
  • Inbound Toll Free calling
  • Emergency 911 calling
  • 411 & operator assisted dialing
  • Caller ID name & number
  • Business listing
  • Overflow
  • Failover
  • Redundancy

Simplify your SIP solution with an All-in-One bundle

Consider the All-in-One SIP Bundle from Rogers. It gives you everything you need to become IP enabled in one simple pre-configured package. There are no hardware purchases required and no hidden costs.

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