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Enterprise Managed Network Services

Focus on innovating with technology, not managing networks

Keep your business connections up and running with holistic managed network services. Teams managing networks rely on a wide variety of tools, systems and processes to ensure things run smoothly, all of which can be time-consuming and costly if not properly maintained. When networks go down, major disruptions in productivity, revenue generation and customer loyalty can occur. Technology should help businesses succeed — not hold them back because of frequent breakdowns or maintenance requirements. The good news is that technological advances are also making it possible for businesses to more effectively contain the growing complexity, risk and cost of owning their own networks.

Spending time now to plan and implement smart network solutions just makes good business sense — because you won’t lose time and focus trying to manage them later. A managed solution, set up and supported by the right partner, can help eliminate the costs and difficulties associated with managing systems internally, while ensuring your larger network strategy remains in your hands. Whether you’re running a fully managed Wi-Fi network for employees or guests or require robust and scalable security services delivered network-wide, we can help.

Cloud Managed Network Services

Manage networks and security from a central web-based dashboard accessible on any device.

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Virtual Managed Network Services

Simplify your network and security infrastructure by virtualizing your day-to-day functions.

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Managed Network Services

We offer:

  • Managed MPLS
  • Managed Business Internet
  • Managed Primary Wireless Connectivity
  • Managed Wireless Backup Connectivity
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Business Wi-Fi

Foster employee collaboration and boost
productivity with flexible mobile workplace

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Guest Wi-Fi

Engage customers and visitors with
compelling mobile experiences.

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How Managed Network Services can benefit your business

  • Reduce maintenance, upgrade and operational costs
  • Reduce internal IT staff and service expenditures
  • Trim costs associated with ongoing technology training and staff turnover
  • Predict IT costs easily and accurately
  • Respond quickly to network interruptions
  • Gain greater visibility into, and control over, network and security infrastructure

Take control of your network environment

Manage devices, plans and usage costs in real time and prevent overages — instead of having to audit them after they’ve already accrued.

In addition to containing costs, running your network ecosystem on our world-class platform will provide the remote device performance and reliability your business needs to succeed.

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Proactively manage day-to-day
server issues

The less time you spend worrying about your IT infrastructure, the more time you have to innovate and generate maximum business value. Trust that your server infrastructure is performing at peak with Managed Server Administration and Managed Network Security from Rogers.

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