Virtual Managed
Services &
Network Management
A better way to manage your networks.

Your IT workforce needs to focus on innovation and its core competencies. Networks continue to become more complex. Security and management can be an issue when IT staff becomes overwhelmed with maintenance.

Virtual Managed Network Services simplifies your network and security infrastructure by virtualizing the functions within the Rogers Cloud, consolidating management on one portal, and offering an entire ecosystem of possibilities.

Now you can offload cumbersome day-to-day network management tasks to Rogers and focus on the things that really matter: accelerating business process and driving innovation for competitive success.

Benefits of Virtual Managed Network Services

  • Greater network flexibility and operational efficiency.
  • Streamline process and save time with a single, cloud-based security infrastructure running multiple business locations.
  • Greater control of your network operations with real-time management and deployment.
  • Simple, point-and-click enablement of features like content filtering and intrusion prevention.
  • Reduced costs associated with physical servers and specialized, on-premise hardware.
  • Speed and agility to support your business priorities.
  • Seamlessly integrate Intelligent VPN with Rogers MPLS.

Worry-free cloud services

Our intuitive web portal provides centralized management and control of your entire network
ecosystem. We’ll take care of your network and security management.

Implement faster
  • Capture market opportunities and make business changes with immediacy. Add new services quickly or turn unnecessary services off.
  • “As-a-Service” pricing eliminates the need for upfront capital investments.
Be more innovative
  • Focus internal expertise on innovation rather than day-to-day operations.
  • Simplify the management of networks and infrastructure by transitioning to an easy-to-manage, automated portal.
Do it all securely
  • Our virtual managed services are hosted within our highly secure data centre facilities located across Canada.
  • A unified threat management solution encompasses all of the security tools you need and is fully integrated into of our virtual managed solutions.