Rogers Custom Access Point Names

Authenticate and control network traffic with Rogers Access Point Name (APN) configurations

EMPLOYEES ARE WORKING MORE AND MORE ON THEIR MOBILE DEVICES. Businesses rely increasingly on wireless networks for many key processes, from email and time management, to field data capture, real-time remote system monitoring and applications connecting to corporate systems. Organizations manage a lot of very sensitive information, so the type of wireless connection they deploy is paramount.

Public APNs can’t always give businesses enough control over what mobile workers do and access on their mobile devices. For these customers, Rogers provides Custom APN solutions, which control where and what mobile users can do. Our Custom APN solutions focus on wireless security and access control, as well as deliver efficiencies and cost savings.

How Do Rogers Custom APN Solutions Benefit Your Business?

  • Security

    Industry-leading security standards govern all data traffic from wireless devices to customer premises.

  • Control

    Control data paths end-to-end and extend existing corporate IT policies to wireless devices anywhere in the world. Identify and authenticate network traffic, control where and what users can do with their mobiles, and define access policies by user group.

  • Maximum Uptime

    Dual WAN connections provide automated data path redundancy and load balancing.

  • Cost Certainty

    By limiting or blocking users’ public Internet access, you can control excessive wireless data usage and reduce service fees.

  • Remote Management

    Full support for remote push and pull applications and devices.

  • Expertise

    A dedicated project management, technical design, consulting and engineering team.

  • Tier 2 Support

    Rogers offers 24/7 network operations support.

Rogers Custom APN Features

  • 128-bit IPSec VPN tunnel with the option to add a dedicated circuit connecting customer application centres to Rogers data network
  • Private-dynamic or private-static addressing
  • Single or dual network connections
  • Industry-standard routing optimization (BGP) and encapsulation (GRE) for self-service IP management and data path redundancy

Example LTE Custom GRE (simple)