robust Wi-Fi

Business Wi-Fi Solutions

Improve mobility and productivity in any location

Robust, accessible internet service is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. Your workforce needs reliable, flexible and secure ways of collaborating.

Business Wi-Fi services from Rogers help you cost-effectively deploy and manage network access. We work with best-in-class technology partners to ensure your network infrastructure is reliable, scalable and easily configurable across locations, facilities and authentication levels.

When purchased "as-a-service”, you receive predictable monthly billing and modernized, fully managed Wi-Fi networks. Our Wi-Fi As A Service product makes it it's easier than ever for you to simply monitor your networks, at any site, check performance or see how the network is being used, from anywhere.

Find a flexible Wi-Fi solution that works to support the evolving needs of your business.

Benefits of Business Wi-Fi with Rogers


Deploy a Wi-Fi network that understands applications and can segregate traffic as required.


Enable enterprise devices and BYOD policies across all facilities and locations.

User control & visibility

Get in-depth reporting to understand the top applications and devices in your network.

Speed to market

Our network engineers and architects optimize time-to-deployment and reduce installation costs.

Cost control

Reduce the cost and complexity of your wired infrastructure. Identify staffing needs and technical expertise levels in advance to make installation easier.

Holistic & integrated security

Mitigate your risk through a secure and reliable IT environment. Manage information and bandwidth based on differing users’ needs.

Flexible configuration

Enable configuration over all locations, facilities and authentication levels with expandable configuration for remote workers.

As-a-service purchase model

Wi-Fi, security and other features become a service that is fully managed, and you receive predictable monthly billing.

Insights & Resources

Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable insight into total and active users, access points, session lengths, device types and more.

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Guest Wi-Fi

Learn more about your customers and make better, more informed decisions.

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First-class solution delivery

Explore how Rogers Professional Services will work with you to ensure that your end-to-end Wi-Fi tools are implemented successfully.

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Rogers is among Canada’s leading experts and providers of connectivity. We are delivering the latest Wi-Fi solutions in collaboration with Cisco, the networking equipment and communication experts.

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