In-Building Cellular Enhancement

Improve signal strength and reduce interference and connectivity problems

WIRELESS DATA TRAFFIC IS GROWING EXPONENTIALLY. Weak signal strength, interference, interruptions, connectivity problems and bandwidth limitations can all occur in structures not built with wireless connectivity in mind. As you and the businesses around you grow, it’s imperative that your network be able to keep up.

We provide approved in-building solutions designed specifically around your business and the Rogers wireless network. These solutions boost indoor cellular signals, deliver abundant network capacity and provide infrastructure for innovative wireless solutions.

What’s Causing In-Building Cellular Signal Issues?

Network Strain

Wireless data traffic is increasing week-over-week. More people joining wireless networks and using devices inside buildings consumes bandwidth and weakens signals. Further, more people and more buildings impact overall wireless capacity in busy urban centres.

Signal Deflection

The concrete, metal and tinted glass in buildings can prevent wireless signal penetration. New and adjacent buildings can also deflect your signals, compromising capacity and service quality.

The Result: Inconsistent Levels of Wireless Coverage

What Is In-Building Cellular Enhancement?

Our systems can include Off-Air Repeaters, Distributed Antenna Systems or both. Plus, our design process sets you up for enhanced coverage, capacity, scale and service quality.

Off-air Repeater

Brings outdoor signals indoors to boost signal strength in concentrated areas or on specific floors.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A network of antennas connected to a common source improves service within a building or defined geographic area.

Key Business Benefits:

Enhance Your Coverage

Provide seamless indoor and outdoor wireless experiences with excellent call quality and high-speed data rates, even in isolated areas.

Enable Real-Time Communication

Provide immediate access to critical data, create a collaborative culture and reduce response times.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Up the efficiency of office, fleet and on-foot employees, and allow authorized vendors, partners and guests the access they need to work productively.

Prepare for the Future

Create capacity to scale your operations and prepare for a connected world.