smoothlyto the BB10

Rogers BES10 Rapid Deployment

Our mobility experts help you quickly deploy BlackBerry 10 or launch a pilot program using proven methodology

BLACKBERRY’S OPERATING SYSTEM & ENTERPRISE SERVICE 10 PLATFORM REDEFINE THE BLACKBERRY® ENTERPRISE EXPERIENCE. With seamless navigation, distinct work and personal spaces, and the ability to create corporate app storefronts, businesses are paying attention. As well, BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) provides a unified platform for businesses to manage all their devices, whatever the type, brand, operating system, model or use.

There are many factors to consider before deploying a mobility solution, so to help you transition to the new BlackBerry® ecosystem, Rogers offers a suite of professional services. From up-front needs analysis, to solution design and proof-of-concept implementations, we’re here to assist.

Why Choose BlackBerry® Enterprise Service?

  • BlackBerry® offers a secure, end-to-end integrated enterprise mobility solution and satisfies the full range of security needs, from a basic level up to very high levels of security and control
  • Fully manage BlackBerry® OS and BlackBerry® 10 devices plus Android and iOSƗ smartphones and tablets through a single platform and management console
  • Securely manage content and apps on iOS and Android devices, and BlackBerry® Balance for BlackBerry® devices, separate work and personal content across all managed devices while preserving the native user experience and privacy