beyond the limits
of wireline

Primary Wireless Connectivity

Powerful wireless connectivity for hard-to-reach, mobile,
temporary and fixed locations

The world has gone wireless. To remain competitive, your business needs to pursue opportunities wherever they arise. Businesses require continuous coverage almost everywhere – accessed quickly and affordably. Whether you’re trying to establish reliable connections in remote sites, connect devices that can access the Internet of Things or connect temporary locations such as construction sites or pop-up stores, wireless connectivity requires virtually no infrastructure investment and can be rapidly deployed.

Stay connected to everything and everyone with Rogers Primary Wireless Connectivity.

  • Power your business in almost any location.
  • Maximize employee productivity with a business collaboration that’s connected no matter the location.
  • Take advantage of emerging technologies that allow for deeper insights and better decision-making.

Why Go Wireless?


Wireless connectivity is much simpler to install than wireline. In most cases, turning on a modem is all it takes. Employees can access central shared folders/drives without being restricted to their desks and an Ethernet connection.


Give your employees the ability to access your network, communicate with each other and remain productive regardless of where they are. Collaborate freely across the globe and harness the talent you need.


Empower your business when you plug into the latest wireless technologies. Collect, share and interpret data in real time. Leverage field services connectivity, remote surveillance and fleet management. Launch more engaging consumer campaigns using digital signage and pop-up locations.

Use Primary Wireless Connectivity for:

  • Remote locations
  • Branch offices
  • Pop-up locations
  • Mobile locations
  • Automatic teller machines
  • Wireless point-of-sale
  • Mobile point-of-sale
  • Interactive merchandising
  • Interactive kiosks & booths
  • Digital signage & wayfinding
  • Remote surveillance
  • Industrial control systems
  • Fleet management
  • Fixed asset management
  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Inventory management

Experience the Business Advantages of
Rogers Primary Wireless Connectivity:

  • 99% uptime, even with temporary power outages
  • Broad network coverage – Rogers is the only national carrier offering GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE networking technologies
  • Seamless integration with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology
  • Proactive network monitoring and managed services
  • Ability to set up wireless access in both temporary and permanent locations
  • Unified billing and volume pricing

Ensure successful deployment

With our best-in-class partners, we take a consultative approach to understanding your business needs. Whether you need basic hardware and installation or a fully managed, end-to-end solution that includes proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, Rogers can offer a Wireless Connectivity solution that meets the needs of your business.

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