Maximize your
network uptime

Wireless Backup Connectivity

Keep your business up and running if your wireline connection goes down

Downtime caused by network outages, construction accidents or weather events can seriously reduce your company’s productivity and revenue. Today, even a little downtime can mean thousands in lost revenue, the average cost of data centre downtime across industries is $5,600 per minute.1 But how do businesses that operate across industries and geographies address downtime?

With Rogers Wireless Backup Connectivity, you can keep your mission-critical systems and applications up and running if your landline connection goes down. We provide secure, powerful connections with failover capability for ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, servers and other key infrastructure and applications. Our solution reduces your vulnerability to network outages; provides proactive, managed uptime; and can be rapidly deployed to deliver fast payback.

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Why get Wireless Backup Connectivity from Rogers?

  • Reliable failover protection
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime
  • Fast deployment when you need it
  • Full service management and monitoring options
  • Seamless device and application integration

Considering replacing DSL as your network backup solution?

Wire-free installations eliminate the high setup costs of wiring and reduce equipment servicing and maintenance expenses. Access wireless data volume pricing through a solution integrated into your current billing system.

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Maximize your return on investment with personalized savings analysis

Unexpected network breakdowns (due to weather, human error or accidental line cuts) can cost you revenue and productivity, as well as make your customers unhappy.

However, Rogers can help you determine how much revenue you’re losing to network downtime and discover potential savings through Wireless Backup Connectivity. Our discovery sessions include:

  • Per-location revenue breakdown
  • Current cost of internet downtime
    (including point-of-sale terminals)
  • Network management and solution service costs
  • ROI calculations for 3-year deployment
  • Projection times for key financial milestones

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