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Compliance Management

IT security that meets your PCI, data privacy and other regulatory requirements

For every business, compliance is key. And that means ensuring your apps, data and all other assets enjoy comprehensive network security. Rogers Compliance Management services, powered by Trustwave, provides exactly that. With a focus on cybersecurity and the privacy of your information, we can help improve your security levels, meet compliance obligations and best manage risk.

So, how do you know where you’re vulnerable? We help identify areas of risk, and then create the business and technical requirements needed to keep your business secure. When it comes to data loss prevention, we’ll make sure sensitive data, such as payment card information, personal health records and intellectual property are safe and protected from risk. The result: internet protection and application security that give you peace of mind from knowing that your assets are secure and that your business is in compliance with necessary policies and regulations.

No room for mistakes

Understand your risk

Does cybersecurity frighten you? Rogers can help you identify and mitigate risks to your business. Our consulting services can help get you started, with valuable insight into efficient and cost-effective ways to keep you in compliance. So you can finally get some peace of mind.

Customized security

In addition to securing your business from cyber-related risk, we ensure you won’t pay for more than what you need — and help equip you with the right technology.

Vulnerability Management services

Protect your customer data, financial information, intellectual property and other key assets with next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention and detection, as well as test and remediate applications, database and network vulnerabilities.

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Threat Management services

Unsure about potential threats to your networks? We’ll provide security monitoring and file integrity monitoring to help identify and minimize potential risks and keep you secure.

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