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Vulnerability Management services

Exposing security gaps and threats

Security is key to every business. Vulnerabilities in applications, databases and other networks can increase the risk of unwanted exposure of confidential data — and seriously harm your business. Keeping track of these systems and ensuring that they’re equipped with the best cybersecurity possible is a big challenge for businesses both big and small.

Rogers vulnerability management services provide intrusion prevention and detection, application security, endpoint protection, security monitoring and much more. In doing so, we help you minimize the risk of exposing your financial information, customers’ data, intellectual property and other key assets. Likewise, our integrated security-testing platform rapidly identifies and addresses all security weaknesses.

Our Vulnerability Management system is delivered through the cloud, eliminating the need for hiring in-house security experts. We keep you protected, so you can get back to focusing on your core business.

Detect and assess vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning

Our web-based portal lets you easily manage your own prioritized list of network vulnerabilities, learn how to fix them and create reports detailing and verifying your remediation progress.

With our security monitoring, you can discover, assess and report on vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other unusual traffic within your network, and map to internet protection and compliance requirements.

We can help you plan, test, build, run and protect smarter and safer web-based, mobile and cloud applications, and improve the way you deliver and maintain exceptional application security for your customers, partners and employees. Seamless, safe, secure — that’s good business.

Penetration testing

How well are you protected? Evaluate your endpoint protection and application security by performing a penetration test. During the test, you authorize a cybersecurity expert — or "ethical hacker" who is armed with the same techniques as a sophisticated cybercriminal — to try to hack into your systems. If there’s a vulnerability, we’ll know about it.

Know your assets

Identify network-connected assets, including applications, then learn how these may be vulnerable to attack and understand what may happen if these assets are compromised. When you’re equipped with outstanding threat intelligence, you’ll never be caught off-guard.

Threat Management

Unsure about potential threats to your networks? We can help identify and minimize potential cybersecurity risks and keep you secure.

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Compliance Management

Security is the foundation of compliance and risk management for every business. As a leader in compliance, we are also experts in internet protection and are ready to deploy new technologies that combat all threats. Find out how we can help keep your company safe.

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Protection that works

Network embedded security:

Our customers expect us to provide the best level of security.

Global threat detection & protection:

By partnering with global security solutions provider Trustwave, we can offer world-class, ethical threat testing; next generation firewalls; and the best intrusion prevention and detection on the market.

Comprehensive cybersecurity as-a-service:

We provide a security subscription model complete with dedicated technical expertise to allow for real-time, 24x7 updates anywhere on the network, including data centres.

Managed security services as-a-service:

This allows IT departments to reduce time spent on network and security monitoring, so you can focus on other priorities — and remove the worry of cybercrime altogether.