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Rogers Network Advantage

Building the network foundation for the future

FAST, CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE CONNECTIVITY. In an increasingly mobile and connected world, your business depends on it. Whether you’re live streaming video in high definition or connecting your business to the Internet of Things, the success of your solution depends on the strength of your network. Innovation requires a powerful foundation.

At Rogers, we continually invest in a portfolio of networks and network services, allowing your organization to accomplish things wirelessly that were never before possible.

Delivering consistently fast, coast-to-coast coverage

  • The only national carrier offering combined GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 4G HSPA+, LTE and multi-path digital fibre network technologies
  • We operate our own networks for business, with ongoing commitment to investments, strategic partnerships and network transformation
  • Innovative technologies aim to provide low latency, consistent throughput and highly reliable networks

Building a reliable future

As video and data-driven applications become more integrated in day-to-day business, the new Rogers 700 MHz spectrum will carry powerful wireless signals and deliver consistently fast connectivity.

  • 700 MHz will provide better in-building reception in densely populated cities, allowing customers to enjoy the speed and consistency of LTE inside buildings.
  • 700 MHz will improve the ability to multi-task, providing a consistent experience while doing high-bandwidth tasks such as video conferencing, viewing webinars, sharing large documents and more.

Now Stay Connected
Across Canada

No matter where your business takes you, you can email, check maps and browse the web in more places across Canada with Extended Coverage – at no extra charge.

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Feel The Difference Speed Makes

Stay Connected with Rogers LTE

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Canada's only coast-to-coast 2G network

In addition to being first in Canada with LTE, 4G HSPA+ and HSPA networks, Rogers operates Canada's only nationwide 2G GSM/EDGE network, and has committed support until 2018.

Harness the Power of Fibre Optics

Multi-path hybrid fibre-coax network enables innovative data networking, high-speed internet and scalable business telecom.

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Comprehensive data centre assets built for Canadian business

Get the enterprise-grade security and reliability your mission-critical business applications demand.

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Complete international network compatibility

Enjoy complete compatibility and a seamless transition when travelling from our network to a foreign operator’s, whether they have deployed GSM, HSPA, 4G HSPA+ or LTE. Our native networks are built on global standards deployed by all international operators with which we have roaming agreements.