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The Power of the Rogers Organization

With a rich history of innovation, an unmatched communications portfolio and consistently fast networks, we are leading the way into an exciting future

BUILDING NEW SERVICES FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW. We're always looking ahead. We're seeking out tomorrow's innovations today and continuing to be the first to easily connect Canadians with what's next. With our portfolio of network technologies, powerhouse media brands and advanced communications services, you can stay inspired, informed and connected like never before.

Innovative Communications Services

Rogers is a Canadian leader in mobile commerce, Internet-of-Things and advanced business connectivity. We deliver end-to-end solutions, cross-device integration, real-time access to mobile applications and worldwide control of connected devices.

Powerhouse Media Brands

From Sportsnet™, Macleans™ and Chatelaine™ to the Toronto Blue Jays™ and the The Shopping Channel™, Rogers brings together the best in sports news, insight and coverage. It's not just broadcast, radio, a website or a cool app, it's all of these platforms working together to give audiences an immediate and integrated experience.

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World-Leading Networks

We invest $2 billion annually to enhance our customers’ wired and wireless Internet experience, and are spending $5 billion over five years to deliver Canada's first all IP platform.

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