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Business Self-Serve

Take advantage of robust online management, billing and reporting capabilities

SPEED IS ESSENTIAL FOR GETTING BUSINESS DONE. Your time is valuable, so a tool that speeds up everyday business processes is invaluable. Whether you want to make a payment, change services, manage users, create groups or analyze reports, you should be able to quickly complete tasks, anytime you want.

Rogers Business Self-Serve (BSS) is a no-cost self-serve web-tool that handles your transaction, billing, payment and reporting needs. BSS’s many features let you quickly manage and execute your day-to-day telecom transactions, significantly reduce service request turnaround times and increase productivity.

Why use Business Self-Serve?

It’s easy
Effortlessly access and manage your accounts with step-by-step instructions and tutorials.

Save time
Perform activities 24/7/365 in a secure environment, at your convenience.

Get insights
View pre-built reports and/or create groups and custom reports to control how you analyze data.

It’s environmentally friendly
Manage your account online and dispense with paper invoicing.

What can you do with Business Self-Serve?

  • Account Maintenance

    A full suite of self-serve transactions allows you to quickly change subscriber names and wireless numbers, add/modify travel packs, change SIM cards, reset voicemail and voicemail passwords, suspend/activate services and more.

  • View and Create Reports

    Run pre-built or build custom reports based on raw data. Usage details may be based on voice, SMS, GPRS and more. You can also schedule automated monthly customized reports and receive e-mail notifications when reports are ready for download.

  • Create Groups

    Create customized views of employees segmented across the organization. Divide up groups how you want, and run reports and view invoices based on the groups you create. For example, create a “set of groups” (e.g., Sales) and add sub-groups within it (e.g., Western Region, Central Region, Eastern Region).

  • Add and Manage Business Self-Serve Users

    Quickly add, manage and set privileges for employees working on behalf of telecom managers and end users. Grant global or limited access based on the group(s) you create.

  • Manage Invoice and Payments

    Quickly pay current or outstanding balances and view invoices going back 18 months. Manage invoices how you want by viewing either individual or all mobile numbers together, as well as automatically schedule monthly invoice download(s). You can also view invoices (HTML or PDF) based on groups you create and departmentalized options within the billing system.

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3 Ways To Save Time Using Rogers Business Self-Serve


    Perform activities in a secure environment, at your convenience. Business Self-Serve gives you control over how your business works day-to-day—so you can manage key tasks like subscriber names, wireless numbers, travel packs, SIM cards, voicemail and passwords, suspend/activate services and more the way you want.


    Reporting is not optional, so turn this necessity into one of your greatest assets. Business Self-Serve reporting is flexible, informative, and quick and easy to run. Best of all, you define the parameters: you can run pre-built or build custom reports from raw data, set usage details based on voice, SMS, GPRS or other network options and even schedule automated monthly customized reports.


    Help employees, end users and other stakeholders work productively and efficiently. Designating access and responsibility by role will ensure everyone focuses on their most crucial tasks—so work is done on time and never duplicated.

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